It's winter, y'all

You know from an earlier post that we had snow last week-end. Saturday night we went with friends to a new place in town to listen to some live music, eat, and have a couple of beers.

palm_tree_parrot_tiki_bar_open_21Because the performer was a decent musician (and his mother was the original tap dancer at the county fair, for heaven’s sake!), the blackened tuna was awesome, and the owner of the place seemed so grateful that a slew of us showed up, I can’t pan the place. Some day – and soon, I hope – it will be a great local destination, even if only for the sweet potato fries, which were outstanding.

But not last Saturday night. It was 32 degrees – and it’s a ROOF-TOP PATIO BAR!! Who would have thought to ask, before going, if we were going to be sitting OUTDOORS? Granted, the whole place was encased in that heavy plastic material they use at beach towns and sidewalk cafes to extend outdoor seating areas to pretend they are indoors, and they had some heaters poking around, but still….

It was February, it was night, and it was 32 degrees. Even straddling the big propane heater in the middle of the floor, I was freezing. Yeah, the sweet potato fries were great, but not when you had to eat them with mittens.


disc_aclSo the Drive-By Truckers are coming to town. On March 5. For an outdoor concert! Probably without a big old propane heater in the middle of the amphitheater, either.

I love the South, bless its heart, but we still have winter here, and ignoring that fact won’t make it go away, much as we might want it to. I might be too old for sitting outside and freezing my butt for DBT, but I might not be. I’m not sure yet.

I found this comment on YouTube under the Drive-By Truckers’ song 18 Wheels of Love:

“Their stuff is casually brilliant in what seems like a uniquely southern way – sayin’ a lot about the big picture by telling little stories. Greatness”

Sayin’ a lot about the big picture by telling little stories.

It’s what we’re all trying to do, isn’t it?

4 comments to It’s winter, y’all

  • Oh no, I hope you at least ordered some hot tea to go with your sweet potatoes! It’s so funny, the picture of people on the South trying to pretend that winter’s not here…hehehe

    • Nancy

      I think this is one of those instances where the power of positive thinking gets totally out of whack: I think it’s warm; I want it to be warm — therefore it IS warm.


  • Don’t you just hate when winter comes along and smacks you on the a$$ to remind you why you love spring, summer, and fall. 🙂 You will definitely have to go back when the weather is nice so you can tell us more about it while in the right frame of mind.

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