The Secret(s) to a Long & Happy Marriage

The Wall Street Journal featured an interesting article yesterday: Happy Couples Kiss and Tell. The author interviewed several couples (including her own parents) who have been married for decades and asked them the secrets to their success. ozzy

Yeah, I know that’s a picture of Ozzy and Sharon, but this is the comment that struck closest to home for me, since the chances of A. biting the head off a bat are pretty slim (I hope).  It’s from Rosalynn Carter, who’s been married to former President Jimmy Carter for 63 years now:

“First, well, let me just say: Don’t ever write a book with your husband.”


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  • Humm..looks like me and the hubs are in for the long haul. I can’t get him to read a book, much less write one with me.

    • Nancy

      There you go! More yin and yang stuff.

      I actually can’t imagine writing a novel with another person, though I understand it’s been done. But unless I write a novel about MySQL or some programming language, A. and I probably won’t end up collaborating on it.

  • I don’t work well with others. Just ask my kindergarten teacher. That’s what she wrote on my report card a hundred years ago. She, the witch, said “Shaddy doesn’t” so I said “if you say so then I won’t.”

    Thus, writing a book with anyone would be a disaster. My husband’s like darksculpture’s; he only reads the newspaper and laughs when I tell him he should give writing a try.

  • Will never happen. I read him my stories and he gives me suggestions, but writing together, nope!

  • Well, yes, I agree fully that would be difficult, to write a novel with my husband. How do you get one voice? I don’t think I could write a novel with anyone!

    But I would also add, don’t hang window treatments with your husband.

  • All of these comments made me laugh out loud! My husband also won’t read a book, but I’ve convinced him to listen to an audio book in the car after I threatened divorce if he listened to NPR one more time.
    As for window treatments, I pick them, he hangs them, no problem :).
    My husband is a bit of a yes man so we could write a book together. I would say “How about this…” and he would say “Okay, honey…”.
    What can I say, it’s a perfect marriage.

    • Nancy

      Too funny! You have to read the Wall Street Journal article — you’ll be quoted in their follow-up article 40 years from now. One guy in the article (who’s been married for 60+ years) says: I say ‘Yes ma’am’ and ‘No ma’am’ a lot.

      Me, I’ve had a long marriage and a happy one — fortunately, I’m in the happy one now. 🙂

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