Friday Flash

Longer than 55, and not fiction today.

I watch him, walking down the shoreline carrying the small dog in his arms. This is new, different. For nine years, I watched him follow as the small dog raced ahead of him.

He walks slowly, deliberately, then settles in the sun on a fallen log. The small dog rests on the beach at his feet. We all sit, watching the sunset as tears stream down our faces.

7 comments to Friday Flash

  • I’m so sad..
    Is this a tribute? Is the waiting and wondering over?

  • Nancy

    Not yet. The little guy is holding his own but I’ve been down this path so many times with so many wonderful little buddies, and know what’s coming. Today’s poem on Writer’s Almanac had me blubbering like a baby and so I wrote this to try to keep from crying. Didn’t work.

  • Oh, Natasha, I’m so sorry. It’s like losing a member of your family. I hope the little guy isn’t in any pain.

    • Nancy

      Thanks, Dayner. He doesn’t seem to be in pain right now, and he really enjoys getting out in the car, going to the beach. But he sure can’t do what he used to. (Okay, okay, neither can I, but this is different….) Some day I’ll write the story of how important this little guy has been to my life, but not now.

  • parrot writes

    I’m so sorry Natasha. When they are such an intergral part of the family it is hard to watch them in their last days (weeks/months).
    Take care.

    • Nancy

      Thanks, PW. Ain’t that the truth though… On another note, I went through Alzheimer’s with my mother, and I can definitely sympathize with what you will go through with that one. Take care yourself.

  • This breaks my heart. I feel the same about my dog, and he’s nearing the end, too. Not imminently, but I see it coming more now than I used to. Some days more than others.

    The only thing is, Lewis is a Great Dane, so I won’t be carrying along the beach… 🙂 (Just thought I’d throw in a smile)

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