Cats just wanna have fun

A. pointed to the orange ball of fluff hanging from the enclosure ceiling at PetSmart. “Let’s take that one. It has the most energy.”

We picked up some kitten food, wrote a check to Adopt-an-Angel and headed for home. We set the carrier in the middle of the living room, held the dogs back, and opened the little wire door.

Fluff ball, weighing in at 2.3 pounds, climbed right out. She looked right at the two dogs, weighing in at 75 pounds total, and said, “New rules, guys.”

catmouseWithin a week, Lola was CEO of the place. That was two years ago. She’s still in charge. She tells the dogs and us what to do, and they/we generally do it. The reverse is not true.
I was reminded of her machisma last week when a friend said, “Oh, why don’t you bring Lola over so she can play with Lucky and Rudy.” (I know, I know, those of you with cats can probably tell where this is going.) Because the dog owners in the neighborhood tend to ignore leash laws, our cats are indoor kitties. It’s boring sometimes. They could all use some fun, right?

Lucky and Rudy are big bruiser male tabby cats, each one easily twice the size of Lola. They were curious when I walked in the door carrying some intriguing new smells. I opened Lola’s carrier in the front hallway. Lucky and Rudy held back. Lola climbed right out and started looking around. She saw the bruisers.

“Hissssssssss!” This from Lola. Lucky and Rudy cowered, their bellies quivering with fear. Lucky fled to the study and hid under the desk. Lola ignored him when she went in the room. Lucky streaked past her and headed to the bedroom, where he dove under the bed. We didn’t see him again.

Lola checked out the entire house slowly, comfortably, tail held high, finally ending up in the breakfast room, where Rudy lay whimpering beneath a plant stand.

My friend was not smiling. She was standing between Rudy and Lola, prepared to defend her own from the intruder.

“I think it’s time for us to go.” She nodded; I scooped up my sleek and confident warrior and headed back home. My friend used to call Lola “cute”. She has a new word for her now, but I’m not gonna write it down. You know what it is, though.

My friends are on vacation this week, and I go to their house several times a day – alone – to feed Lucky and Rudy. They are wary when I open the door and they never really relax when I’m there. You can never tell when Lola might show up.

I’m trying to make it up to them. I play the piano and sing when I’m there. I’m even doing “Memories” just for them!

But that may be the problem. They do remember. Today, I think I’ll try Phantom of the Opera instead of Cats. And leave the big chandelier at home.

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  • Great essay on cats! I am not a cat person, so I don’t know about all their stuff, but you do a great job of setting the scene and making Lola about to be a cat who knows who she is.:-)

  • I think Lola is my kind of cat. The true Alpha GIRL! 🙂

    • Nancy

      She definitely is an alpha cat and an EXCELLENT role model. She is currently asleep in the sun on ‘her’ lounge chair in the living room. The dogs can only wish…

      Unfortunately, our little doggie (the shih tzu) is pretty sick right now 🙁 which is scary. Here’s hoping…..

  • Written like a true pet owner! They do have a way of making their personalities known don’t they.
    This is a great story Natasha–Congratulations on such a great hit.

  • Nancy

    Thanks, DS. They do know how to wrap themselves around my little finger. All of them do.

  • Rudy's & Lucky's Mommy

    Yes, well, I knew Lola was a confident little kitty – but I had no idea she was so “aggressive” shall we say. I really thought that she and Rudy (who occasionally gets hissed at by Lucky) would really hit it off and run around the house playing together. Who knew she would Hisssss at my poor boy! It wasn’t a pretty sight. What I was really surprised at was that Mr. Lucky didn’t hissss at Lola. He is, after all, the Alpha male of the house. Must say, I was a bit embarrassed when he went and hid instead of defending his own turf!

    Nancy, I still love Lola. Unfortunately, she can’t come over to play (I mean intimidate my kitties!)anymore. You, however, are always welcome!

    Love ya,

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