Flotsam and Jetsam

DSCN1652 According to Wikipedia, ‘flotsam’ remains the property of the original owner and ‘jetsam’ the property of the finder.
Here are some bits and pieces of things tossed about that might be useful.

Duotrope’s Digest: This is, according to their website, ‘a free writers’ resource listing over 2750 current Fiction and Poetry publications. Use this page to search for markets that may make a fine home for the piece you just polished. Use the menus at the top and right to explore the rest of the free services we offer writers and editors, including a free online submissions tracker for registered users.’ I just found it today and have no idea how useful/accurate it is. But it sure looks interesting to me!

Visuwords: This is an online graphical visual dictionary/thesaurus. It is unbelievably cool — check it out because whatever I write about it can’t do it justice. I added it as a search tool in Firefox. I especially love the ‘connections’ functions. I think there are some good hints here, too, for ways to organize/outline/diagram works-in-progress. Concept mapping, I guess, but this grabs me in a whole new way.

Carolyn Hax: Carolyn Hax writes an advice column for the Washington Post that is syndicated in a lot of papers around the country. She gives straightforward, no-nonsense advice and is, I think, a gifted and concise writer. You may see her column in your local paper, but it is DEFINITELY worth going to the Washington Post website because some of the best stuff can get edited out by the local newspaper (at least it is by mine) AND the comments are worth their weight in gold. There are a lot of people who post every day and add their comments on a whole host of topics, above and beyond the original letters. I dare any of you to read today’s (or any day’s, really) column and all the comments and not come away with at least one idea for your own writing….. She also does a weekly live chat and that’s pretty interesting to follow as well. (You might have to register (free) at Washington Post to see anything beyond the current day’s homepage. I’m not sure about that, since I am registered with WaPo.)

Jail Bait and me: I was invited (really) a couple of years ago to spend the night in our new county jail before it opened ‘to the public.’ It was a very interesting experience and I wrote a long, detailed account of the whole twelve-plus hours (at certain points it felt like 12 years). I don’t want to post it but if one of your characters ends up in jail, I might be willing to email parts of it to you for some authentic detailing of at least one jail….

So these are a couple of resources I’m tossing overboard. Let me know what you think of any and all of them.

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  • I love you right now. I can’t wait to explore the resources.
    What a cool thing to have the opportunity to explore jail for an evening–for research that is. I don’t have any jail birds in the works but one day I may take you up on that offer. Thank you!!

  • Nancy

    Thanks, Dayner! Let me know what you think of the other stuff.

    Yeah, the jail experience was something. Getting locked in the cell overnight was kinda creepy. Even though it was ‘make-believe’ — I gotta say that by 5 AM I wanted OUT and as soon as they released the locks on the cell block an hour or two later I was more than ready to go home.

    I have a picture of myself in my cell somewhere. I’ll scan it or take a snapshot and stick on the blog.

  • These are really nifty resources. I especially enjoyed surfing around on the Duotrope site. Thanks for sharing them!

  • So much invaluable info and so little time! Thank you for sharing with your friends.

    Live it up this week!

  • Such great looking links! I will have to give them a peek later today. I am especially interested in the Duotrope site since I am looking for very special places for my stuff, and I haven’t found them yet. 🙂

    • Nancy

      I hope it is helpful! It looks pretty thorough to me.

      My Internet connection has been down since last night *gasp*. Just got back online, just in time before having serious withdrawal symptoms…

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