Flash Fiction 55+

Angela’s stilettos clicked on the marble floor as she walked toward them. She smiled warmly at Reed and gave Libby a glance that screamed ‘trailer trash.’

“We’re meeting in the faculty conference room.” Her voice, throaty and suggestive as she leaned toward Reed, turned cold when she looked at Libby. “You can wait here in the lobby if you want. Or not.”

Her honey-blonde hair swung neatly as she turned on her heel.

Libby bit her chapped lower lip and stared at the two figures moving away from her.

Reed glanced back at her, but Libby was already hurrying toward the Exit sign. If she hitched a decent ride, she could make it to the city before dark.

6 comments to Flash Fiction 55+

  • Oh, wow! I hope I’m supposed to dislike Libby and Reed, because I do! Poor Angela…

    Good writing!

  • Nancy

    Uhhh…. Well, actually Angela is the evil witch of the story. Libby and Reed are the real heroes.

    Libby and Reed turned into the most interesting characters in my NaNo novel and Angela just showed up in my December thinking to try to derail Libby and Reed’s budding relationship.

    This flash piece is where Angela first shows up in the story. I’ll work harder as I go along to make sure you don’t like her next time you read about her. Trust me — Angela is Bad News.

  • OMG! I so want to dig in and read more of Libby and Reed!!! Why do you tease me so?

  • You got me! I’m thinking Angela is just like a few woman I know. She seems to be the kind that is he..(ck) bent on taking away what others have, and then she gets bored with it an moves on to the next conquest… Am I right???
    Anyway – Poor Libby. Though your stories I have developed such an empathy for her. You will definately have to finish this story and let us all read it so we know that in the end she turns out okay and not completely jaded by the poop life keeps throwing at her.

  • Nancy

    Don’t worry. Libby rules.


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