Fly the Friendly Skies

plane Alex made it safely back to Boston yesterday. He said it was the worst flight he’d ever been on, which didn’t surprise me since 55 mph wind gusts were buffeting the New England coastline in the afternoon.

The flight attendant asked him if he’d be willing to change seats so a family traveling together could sit together. My son is 6’3″, so giving up an aisle seat is not necessarily easy, but he’s a good guy and he moved. The flight attendant gave him a free beer; he was happy.

Did I mention it was a bumpy flight? And people were feeling….queasy? Eventually someone heaved, all over the aisle and seat 16D, Alex’s original seat. He was vaguely aware of it from his new seat at the back of the plane.

Karma. It flies.

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  • I’ll take a free beer over puke any day. It pays to be a nice guy. I bet you miss him already.

  • Nancy

    YES!! on all three counts….

  • I was watching the news last week (before the bombing incident). A bedragled, young woman was being interviewed at O’Hare in Chicago, and she said, “My plan is to get a plane, go home and never fly again.”

    It just sounds like flying lately has been a real pain in the keester. I think if I go anywhere again, it will in the car or on a train.

  • I’m with Kathan! The last time I boarded a plane at Dallas to fly home, which was the weekend before I resigned, I decided that once I was no longer working I would refrain from flying ever again. Since then I have kept my promise. If I can’t get there by car or houseboat I don’t see a need to go.
    Nice guys might finish last, but in your son’s case, at least he finished clean and dry! (The free beer is just icing on the cake)

  • Nancy

    I totally agree about flying. I’ve always, until the last year, flown a lot for work and the only thing I miss is that return flight from LA where I had mucho uninterrupted hours to read novels.

    I do love trains, used to go to NY that way when I lived in Boston. Alex took the train down from Boston to DC and thought it was great.

    DS, I’ve never gone anywhere by houseboat, but that sure sounds like a plan to me.

  • Kindness pays off in the long run. Your son sounds very wonderful and kind of lucky too!

  • Nancy

    I agree, Shaddy, with everything you said.

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