Flash Fiction 55


Fall came early to the hills: red and yellow leaves shuffled across the trail in the cool breeze.

Reed motioned Libby to stop. He pointed to an opening in the rocks ahead. They knelt, and waited. Sun and shadows moved west, and they waited.


The wolf pair emerged from the rock cavern. Libby caught her breath at their beauty, their majesty.

7 comments to Flash Fiction 55

  • This is lovely! Great imagery. Is this from your novel?

  • Nancy

    Thanks! Yes, it is. NC has been re-introducing red wolves in a number of areas over the last 10 years or so. I want to spend part of December learning more about them so I can be a little more knowledgeable in what I’m trying to write.

  • I love this, very well written! What a beautiful picture too! I can’t wait to read more about Libby and Reed.

  • Oh yummy! Another glimpse at the novel. As always well done. You have a gift with imagery.

  • Nancy

    Thanks! I had a really neat experience at the dentist the other day.

    No, really — I knew I was gonna be there a while for a crown fitting (unfortunately in my upper mouth and not on my head) and I took my college alumni magazine with me to read in the chair. I think I’d mentioned that I had a really clear picture in my mind of Libby (Liv Tyler in Cookie’s Revenge) but no idea what Reed looked like — and there he was, on page 30!!!

    Of course, this guy was talking about exotic stone as a green building material, but still. It was nice to get a picture of Reed in my mind’s eye.

  • That happened to me when I was writing a very minor, unlikable character in my story. Then I met this lady and felt like my character was this person. Not a compliment to that person, but oh well!

  • Nancy

    It just goes to show how realistic your characterizations are!

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