To my soft sweet friend

Furry friends matter. Patch was my best friend for 14 years. She died three years ago this week.

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To my soft sweet friend

Your soft ears lie quiet now,
your eyes closed.
I stretch across your still body and my
tears slide into your fur –
still warm, unmoving.

Oh sweet friend, I already miss you.

I miss your soft tongue licking my hand while we sit and you listen.
I miss your ears flapping as you point your nose into the ocean’s wind.
I miss your big teeth grinning with the joy of lying in the grass.
I miss your wet dog smell from walking in the rain.

I told you everything those years we roamed (you swam) along the Ipswich:
you kept my secrets
you knew my fears
you loved me anyway.

Every other time I cried into your soft fur
You licked the tears off my face.

My sweet friend, I almighty miss you.

8 comments to To my soft sweet friend

  • What a sweet tribute. You brought a tear to my eye and I immediately had to stop what I was doing and embrace my two loving companions.

    How attached we become to them. Their unconditional love is matched by no other thing in material world.

    One of my favorite scene’s in the movie “What Dreams May Come”, was the scene where the dog springs from the painted forest and leaps into Robin Williams arms. The thought of meeting our loving companions again in heaven is a purely blissful thought.

  • Oh, bother. You made me sob with this one. Lewis, my beloved Great Dane, is quite old and has a number of health issues. We don’t know how much time he has left. I know when he is gone I will miss him as much as you do your sweet friend.

  • Nancy

    I of course am crying as I write this. I read the poem out loud in a writing class shortly after I wrote it and it was actually kind of funny — everyone in the class was sobbing by the time I finished it.

    Not because it was the world’s greatest poetry, but because they were all remembering their own sweet friends who had enriched their lives.

    Amazing how the little buggers burrow their way right into your heart, isn’t it?

  • It’s just a cry fest at Nancy Drew Too today. Jeeze–and I thought we were still in celebration mode from NaNo.
    Y’all love to make me cry. *sniff*

  • I also miss for your sake all of those things you’ve listed so beautifully here, especially when Patch licked the tears off your face.

    That’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

    I’ve not had such a beautiful relationship with a dog. I’m not a dog lover but this makes me believe I could and should become one.

  • Nancy

    Sorry about the sobfest. Pass me another Kleenex, please.

  • I’ll be happy to send the book now and you can read and pass it on after the holidays. Just say the word. Of course, if you’d rather not commit to another thing at this time, I totally understand.

  • […] I don’t usually think of my current dog, Polly, as my intellectual muse and partner. Not the way Patch was. I think of Polly more as my personal fitness trainer, since as a hound dawg who needs to run, […]

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