The many gifts of NaNoWriMo

DSCN1622 I When I started this whole NaNoWriMo thang in the beginning of November, I promised myself that if I ever got to the seemingly impossible goal of 50,000 words, I’d reward myself with a sharp new NaNoWriMo hoodie. So I did, and here it is. We figured we’d better take some pictures of it before the poor thing was completely covered with dog and cat hair.

The hoodie is lovely, but it is the very least of my wonderful NaNoWriMo gifts. I learned that I could actually produce something tangible that had seemed so unlikely a month ago — and that parts of it are not bad, some surprisingly good. I have something decent to work with and edit, and a whole new appreciation for what I can do if I set my mind and heart and soul (and mostly my butt, glued to a chair) to it.

But here’s the real kicker: I got a whole crew of virtual buddies — a writing and life support system to keep me slogging through 50,000 plus words, some decent characters, and plot holes big enough to sink a car. So here’s to you, my good friends: to Dayner, Darksculptures, Kathan, and Shaddy. Is it any wonder we ALL crossed the finish line with each other’s support and encouragement?

Now, as we move on to the editing process: I’ve got your back, and I know you’ve got mine. Thanks.

7 comments to The many gifts of NaNoWriMo

  • Love the hoodie!
    Love the value of our friendship even more!
    Funny how this NaNo thing started out as a challenge and evolved into a rewarding and life enriching experience. The honor and priviledge of being 1/5th of such a wonderful group means more than I can adequately express with words.

  • Nancy

    Well, I’d say you’ve done pretty well expressing yourself with words!!

  • Lovely Hoodie and you wear it well. I really enjoyed myself this month and learn a lot from my virtual friends. Thanks for taking on this adventure with me. Now that it’s over lets see what other trouble we can get into. wuhhahaha…

  • Great reward and cute hoodie – if I had gotten one I’d have needed a tan one. If Lewis so much as looks in the direction of something black, in instantly covered with hair (even from across the room – he’s very gifted!).

    Uh oh, watch out for Dayner, she’s gonna get us into more trouble!!

    I agree, the friends I’ve made in you guys this year is worth every blister I got on my butt.

  • BTW, I posted a note to Ann Linquist about us all finishing our NaNo novels. It’s under her post “I Believe.”

  • I know exactly what you’re talking about. If I’d been without close buddies, the journey would have been only that, a journey. With the whole gang, it was a beautiful adventure.

  • Nancy

    Well, I think we should look at this as the BEGINNING of our beautiful adventure together. I take Dayner’s comment about trouble as a personal challenge and I am ready to rumble!

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