Flash Fiction 55

This feels ‘eh’ to me but I needed something to jump start my writing this morning after several days of non-stop cooking, traveling, and eating.  Happy post-Thanksgiving!


Becca hesitated in the darkness.  What if it was already too late?  How could she have gone searching for the heart of her soul when it was there, right in front of her, all along?

Bernie was sitting by the fire when she opened the door.  He rose slowly and smiled, arms outstretched.

“Welcome home, Becca.”

6 comments to Flash Fiction 55

  • This sounds like a great ending. Was it? I’ve been working on my ending for three days and I just can’t get it right 🙁
    Maybe I’ve eaten too much turkey.

  • Nancy

    Thanks! As a matter of fact, it is — now all I need to do is figure out how to get there from here, which is not necessarily an easy task.

    I have definitely eaten too much turkey, but it was nice.

    Well, if you’re having trouble with your ending, you know that your buddies are here to cheer you on and to offer suggestions, thoughts, whatever you need. Just holler.

  • This sounded like a conclusion to me also. I’m off my mark today. I was responsible about the amount of food I ate, but I am outright exhausted from the entertaining. It remains to be seen if I get anything done today.

  • I am working on my ending today. I plan to finish just around 50k, but I actually think I will go back and beef up one part of the story.

    BTW, this is a great ending!!

  • I’m brain dead today so I can’t say anything intelligent but wanted you to know I was here.

    Have a great week!

  • Nancy

    Thanks! Good to have you around, Shaddy! I think we’re all a little wasted/written out/over turkey-ed, etc.

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