Helene Hanff and my friend Cathie

If you don’t know Helene Hanff, or if you haven’t read 84, Charing Cross Road, PLEASE put this delightful quick read on your must list for December. I was reminded of her in this morning’s Writer’s Almanac. Garrison Keillor explained who she was better than I can, so check it out. You need to scroll down almost to the bottom of the entry.

My dear friend Cathie gave me the Hanff book about 15 years ago. This is the same Cathie who gave me the complete Pride & Prejudice DVD series — the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehre version — best in my opinion). I gave her a pair of painted Mona shoes from my friend Mona to cheer her up when going to chemotherapy.

Thinking about Helene Hanff this morning, I wanted to call Cathie and thank her again for the book and the DVD and for being my wonderful friend forever. Cathie died this spring so instead of calling her and laughing and talking, I cried like a baby for a good long while.

Anyhow, read Helene Hanff for me and Cathie. Thanks.

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