A little piece of my NaNoWriMo….

Here is a piece of my NaNoWriMo writing. As I’ve mentioned, I have two different tones that may — or may not — fit together. This piece just rolled out and I only changed a couple of words where it was confusing since you didn’t have the preceding 20,000 words. And I cut out a couple of lines. Tomorrow I may post a piece from the darker side.

“I saw it! I saw her put it right there! I saw her put the bomb right there and try to hide it before she ran away. She’s trying to kill me and I saw her put down the bomb to do it with.” Leona was loud enough that all eyes were on her.

Acting Sheriff Lon Hewlett was aware that the potential crime scene had turned into a circus, he and his officers were tromping all over everything that could be perceived as evidence and moreover that there was, supposedly, a bomb that could go off at any second and blow this entire side show to smithereens. He had no control of the situation and not the slightest idea what to do if, in fact, there was a bomb. He assigned an officer to take a statement from Leona in hopes of shutting her up and wished that god damn helicopter would stop making so much noise overhead. The WHAT-TV van screeched to a halt beside his patrol car. Lon began to wish he had called in sick today. He was sweating, and he wiped his handkerchief across his forehead.

They still had seen no trace of an explosive and the WHAT-TV reporter and camera person were coming straight to him, asking him to make a statement.

Instead, Lon let Rex out of the K-9 car, hoping against hope that Rex wouldn’t find the damn bomb, if there even were one.

Rex looked at him expectantly, waiting for a hot dog. Then he peed on the tires.


Sylvia and Barkley had barely gotten out of sight of the house when Sylvia heard sirens wailing in the distance. She turned up her iPod. It was a beautiful day and the two of them jogged all the way to the river before turning around. When they did, Sylvia was surprised to see the Sheriff’s department helicopter hovering – why, it looked like it was hovering directly over her house!

“Come on, Barkley, we gotta boogie!” She tugged on the spaniel’s leash and quickened her pace.

When they turned onto Maple, Sylvia could see blue lights flashing from half a dozen cruisers parked at the corner. The helicopter was directly overhead, and the WHAT-TV van blocked part of the street.

She crossed the street to get closer to the action. Suddenly, Leona was directly in front of her, pointing and shouting, “That’s her! She’s the one! She’s the one who planted the bomb!”

Sylvia stopped short. What the hell was going on? Leona was blathering on about a bomb. The Acting Sheriff had a streak of dog shit across his forehead, Rex the police dog was trying to hump Barkley, Drew Huffman was clicking his Nikon and the WHAT-TV film crew was capturing it all for the 5 PM newscast.

Ah. Sylvia got it. WHAT-TV focused on her, and she smiled sweetly for the camera. “Ms. Littlefield is indeed correct. Yes, I am the one. Rather than carry my dog, Barkley’s, doggie bag with me for my entire morning jog, I left it here, out of the way, to be picked up on my way back home. Unfortunately, Sheriff Hewlett appears to be wearing its contents on his forehead and I am therefore unable to do so. There is no bomb. I urge all of you to pick up after your pets and to have a nice day.” She walked past Leona and headed for home.

Drew Huffman took one last photo of Leona, mouth open, standing next to Acting Sheriff Lon Hewlett. He handed Hewlett a tissue first. It was the least he could do.

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