Get up in the middle of the night and write it down.

So I woke up in the middle of the night with this great dialogue flashing between two of my characters. Did I get up to write any of it down? Nah, it was so vivid I knew I’d remember it….

bagel Where am I this morning? Sitting here with a cup of coffee, half a bagel and an empty computer screen staring back at me. Should have gotten up and written it down.

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday and happy writing. Now get to work.

7 comments to Get up in the middle of the night and write it down.

  • Don’t you just hate that when it happens. I put a journal next to my bed for those moments after missing so many of them. Well, guess what happened?! – I haven’t woke up with a great idea since then.

    Happy Monday to you too!
    PS – Great picture!

  • Oh darnit, I hate when that happens! And you know what, I did the same as DS and I haven’t written a thing in it b/c I haven’t thought of anything good in the middle of the night!

    This might say something about me, but for some reason every week when I go to church, my mind starts racing with ideas. I usually spend the first few minutes of the sermon jotting them all down. I guess whatever works, eh? (don’t tell my pastor – LOL)

  • Nancy

    Hmmm, now I’m not sure whether I should put a notebook on the nightstand or not. I don’t want to chase away any ideas!

    Maybe, Kathan, it’s that meditative, quiet sense when everything is still that gets you going.

    (And your poor pastor!! S/he is thinking, ‘hey, my sermon is so hot that Kathan is sitting there taking notes!’)

  • I always wake up with ideas first thing in the morning then have the ‘should I pee first or write down my idea first’ debate. heh heh heh. Maybe I should put a notepad in the bathroom.

  • Nancy

    Dayner — I thought I did. Didn’t you add something about writing in the bathroom? I had a whole host of spam that I deleted and may have thrown you out with that bunch.


  • Nancy

    Dayner — found it in spam and re-inserted it in the blog.

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