Flash Fiction 55

This is a tad more than 55. I took a chunk out of my NaNo writing and tightened it up a little. Usually I just start the FF 55 cold and hope I can use it somewhere, somehow in NaNo. This is the reverse of that process. Ha! If I ‘tightened up’ my NaNo writing to the bare essentials, I’d have about 600 words total.


“Last call!” Except for Buddy, it had been a quiet night. LeRoy snapped off the neon OPEN sign. He noticed Buddy still asleep in the corner booth.

“Attila, can you get Buddy out of here?” What a pain in the ass that guy was. LeRoy opened the cash register to count the night’s take.

“LeRoy – I don’t think Buddy’s going nowhere.”

LeRoy looked at Buddy. “Oh my God.”

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