Taking a breather

This is how I feel right now. Sometimes it really helps to slow down for a bit, catch your breath, and come back refreshed later.

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  • A picture is worth a 1000 words. Or in the case of NaNoWriMo, 50,000 words. I LOVE THIS!

  • Nancy

    I love Gary Larson’s stuff. The guy is brilliant. Scientists love him too — and there’s a bug out there named after him. (Really — I’ll look it up later, after I’ve bagged my Word Count for the day.)

  • This is how I feel today too. Usually I’m quite chipper on Fridays but it’s cold and I don’t like that. Burr…

  • Nancy

    It’s cold here too. But at least it’s not raining today, which it’s been doing for the last several days.

    You’ve been cranking out like crazy; maybe time for a leetle break?

  • I’m suffering from brain strain too. I haven’t written a word yet today. I went to NorthPointe instead and took a bunch of pictures to post on my blog.

    I may add a few words to my novel yet this evening, but if not, I deserve a break.

    Let’s knock em dead when we get back at it again.

  • Nancy

    NorthPointe sounded fabulous from your description! Sounds like a good idea. I will mosey over to look at the pics later.

  • Hilarious! and so true, which is why i haven’t posted anything for a few days. I’m trying to stay focused. It’s hard!! I am a little ahead on my word count, but I know I will have to take at least one day off over Thanksgiving, and I’d love a 2 day cushion. Then it’s due!! Yikes!

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