Chris Baty Rules!

I loved his ‘pep talk’ this morning. Especially Tip Three: Remember that your book is important….And there is someone out there who has been waiting their whole life to read the book you’re writing now.

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  • Aaaaah….

    (cut to me being dreamy about people actually reading and enjoying my book).

    Thanks for the fantasy!

  • Nancy

    You know, I have another fantasy as well. I’m flash-forwarding a couple of years when we all get together at a writer’s conference — in person, face to face.

    Wouldn’t that be fun? Who’s in??

  • Me, Me, Me!!! I’m in.

    My husband said the most wonderful thing last night — “Even if you never get published I want you to keep writing, because I want to read your books, I think they are that good.”
    That was the biggest compliment that I could ever receive. Other than the bible I have never seen him read anything. But he does read my novel attemps. Or have me read them to him.
    So I guess Chris Baty was right! There is someone outthere that has been waiting!

  • Nancy

    Way to go, DS’s hub! What a nice thing to say! And I’m in line behind him. I want to read your books, too.

  • Chris’ tip that you mentioned above is part of a pep talk?? He’s taking a different stand it seems. Now he’s putting the pressure on when I least need it. What happened to his No Plot? No Problem! theory?

    Please excuse my poor attitude this morning. I’m tired today. And I’m not particularly motivated to hit my computer after work this evening. (I’m at work right now-stealing a few minutes to check my buddies’ blogs).

  • Nancy

    Shaddy — I think it’s important to take a breather occasionally to clear your mind. So have one of my brownies now and relax, okay? Maybe you’ll feel like writing later today, maybe not. Whenever you do get back to writing will be the right time.

    This is supposed to be fun. Have another brownie.

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