Flash Fiction 55

Maude put her gnarled hand, weathered by age, on top of Becca’s and giggled.

“Let me tell you my little secret, dear.  Yesterday I met the nicest gentleman at the county fair!  He watched all the tap dancing performances and said I was his favorite!

“Oh, here he comes now!”

Becca turned and gasped.


6 comments to Flash Fiction 55

  • This is SOOO excellent!! It made me laugh out loud. Are you keeping this in, or did you just do it for our benefit?

  • Nancy

    Thanks! I have no idea if I’m keeping it in — if I do, I have to figure out where and why and what to do with him.

    We’ll see….

  • Very cute! That just reminded me of something in my past I must use in a story one day. Here goes the index cards. I knew that stack next to the computer would come in handy sometime during NaNo.

    Gotta run, Cesar and Alice are in the elevator on their way to dinner. Cesar hates small spaces. I better go ring the bell and let him out.

  • Nancy

    uh oh…. and you know what happens to Cesar when he’s in a small space for too long.

  • Ha ha ha, I love this, excellent! Maude sounds like fun.

  • Nancy

    I hope she’s fun. I didn’t really do much with her today.

    I had quite a good deal of fun today with Leona, who may be one of the nastiest people on the planet. It’s always nice when the nasty folks get what they deserve, which doesn’t always happen in real life (or whatever they call what NaNoWriMo isn’t…)

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