Have a Seriously Creepy Halloween!

dracula I ended up giving blood yesterday (Friday) instead of earlier in the week.  Several of the staff at the Red Cross were in costume in honor of everyone’s favorite holiday.  There is something SERIOUSLY CREEPY about having your blood  drawn by Dracula.  Trust me on this.

39386801roge_20010830_00416.jpgThe filmmaker George Romero was on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me this morning.  I haven’t seen many horror flicks, but I have seen Romero’s seminal Night of the Living Dead a couple of times.  Talk about SERIOUSLY CREEPY. Did  you know how and where Romero got his start?  With Mr. Rogers!  Really!  Apparently everyone who started as a filmmaker in Pittsburgh worked on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood at some point.  Anyway, Mr. Rogers was going to have his tonsils out — as many of his fans do — and he thought he would make the process ‘less scary’ by having a video following him through his successful tonsillectomy.

So George Romero, producer of the creepiest films going, had his cinematic breakthrough on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  Making a non-scary film about Fred Rogers’ tonsils.  Think about it.

I don’t know why we bother with fiction when real life is like this.

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