Lola, Me and our Inner Charmin

TP The reason my posts today mostly quote other people is that every time I typed something on my computer screen this morning, it was too stupid or too banal or too eh or something.  Nothing felt right and I was getting frustrated and upset.  I started about a half dozen documents – none of them had a point; my word choices and images were trite; and the few times I did have an idea, it was an old one that countless people had already had better, smarter, sooner.

All the while I was hassling with these pesky words I heard this noise in the background, but it was in the background and I was too busy writing myself into a lather.  Finally I went exploring to see what it was.

Remember Lola, that adorable little kitty sitting on my mousepad?  She was sitting on the toilet tank in the guest bathroom.  She had just finished shredding an entire fresh roll of toilet paper and scattering it all across the floor. She was glaring at me, waiting for me to squeeze the Charmin and stick a new roll into the holder for her.

Sigh. Lola and I were both equally productive this morning.  There are all sorts of analogies that could be made here….. but I want to share this instead.

Thanks to the wonder of technology and people with Too Much Time On Their Hands, I was able to find some pretty funny YouTube videos which I present for your viewing pleasure.  (I’m not sure what it says about our society that I was able to type ‘cats shredding toilet paper’ into YouTube’s search bar and get close to a dozen hits.)

So watch Shredder and Boots vs. Toilet Paper when you have hit the wall with the blank computer screen or stack of copy paper in front of you.  I dare you not to laugh. 🙂

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