Covering Your Assets — Back It Up!

This is a Public Service Announcement.

We just pulled a friend’s hard drive out of the freezer in a last-ditch attempt to reinstall it in her computer (really, supposedly that sometimes works) and get it to work long enough to retrieve at least some of her files.

No dice.  It remained dead.  Bad for her, but a good warning to those of us preparing to write the Great American Novel during the upcoming NaNoWriMo. Make SURE to save your files, every day, in a bunch of different places!

I always assume that if my computer is going to die, it’s going to die because the house has gone up in flames or there’s a tsunami and so saving the files to an external drive or a diskette or paper file next to the computer isn’t worth squat. The stuff needs to be Somewhere Else.

So I  suggest using something like Google Docs or  Zoho to make sure your words are safe and far from the earthquake or hurricane or whatever zone.  Or at least emailing every day’s output to yourself so that you can retrieve it when you get to higher ground.

(Do I do this myself every day?  Of course not, but I’m trying….. :))

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