Wrong Guys

So I was kind of bummed after spending the morning in the Sea of Doubt (see my earlier post this morning) with larger-than-life characters I could never hope to develop and I took Polly for our daily walk/run/swim.

I started thinking about my dear and wonderful friend Ellie.  Ellie has the unfortunate tendency to marry the Wrong Guy.  She’s done this several times now, and she’s had a couple of other serious relationships that I would categorize as Wrong as well.

Ellie typically falls for larger-than-life characters, though not larger in the same sense that Tim Chapman is larger-than-life.  Ellie’s larger-than-life loves are breathtakingly handsome (think Johnny Depp), sensitive (think Johnny Depp), Renaissance men (think Johnny Depp.)  You get the picture.  But Ellie’s guys are also downright nasty SOBs.

I thought a bit about Ellie’s Wrong Guy I, who I never met, but I did see his gorgeous mug on the back cover of several of his books at Barnes & Noble. I also noted he didn’t bother acknowledging in the credits that Ellie supported him for the six years he took to write his first book.

Then I thought a bit about Wrong Guy II, who I did meet.  I, like all of Ellie’s friends, knew instantly that he was bad news, but Ellie was in love and it wasn’t really until he moved to Brazil “for his work” and expected Ellie to keep sending him money that she realized it.   It might be said that WG II eventually got his just desserts, but that is a whole ‘nuther story.  Which I may tell at some point.

Then Wrong Guy I and II started to morph into a whole new person – let’s call him Wrong Guy III for lack of a better term.   My mind went into “what if” overdrive and by the end of our walk/run/swim, I had the skeleton of a larger-than-life character in my writing arsenal.  Phew.

Funny how these things work out.  It is amazing what our minds can produce.

And now I am on my way to get my hair cut and to give blood.  It is amazing what our bodies can produce.

3 comments to Wrong Guys

  • I knew you could do it! See what a little exercise, natural vitamin D, and some fresh air can do for the soul!

  • I’ve known so many different types of people in my life that I find character building the easiest part of writing. Whether or not I’m any good at portraying them in print is yet to be seen. I do have to fight to keep myself out of them, but still leave them with a little of me at the same time.
    I think you underestimate yourself, I see interesting characters from you in as little as 55 words.

  • Nancy

    Thanks, both of you. Yeah, I think the challenge (one of many) is being able to convey the characters you see in your mind to others in print. It’s harder for me the closer they are to real life people because somehow I think you the reader should already know about the character. Sorta like how hard it is to get directions across town from someone who has lived in the town their entire life.

    Excuse me now. Must. Have. Coffee.

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