Trader Joe, Can You Hear Me Now?

trader_joes_blimpWhen we were deciding to move south from New England,  I had a list of ‘must-haves’ including easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, a college or university, and a UU church.  Unfortunately, I left out one more important consideration, ESPECIALLY as NaNoWriMo approaches.

That would be access to a Trader Joe’s.

Bummer.  We are 122 miles from the nearest TJ’s.   So while I am fantasizing over what Becca, Libby and the rest of my growing cast of characters are doing to each other and themselves, I will also fantasize a hot, healthy and delicious meal preparing itself each evening while I continue to write page after page of Novel Fabulosa.  Hell, I might even write TWO novels during NaNoWriMo if they build a coastal TJ’s with a direct tie-in to my microwave in the next four days.

Joe, don’t fail me now…..

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