Hot Flashes: More Flash Fiction 55

Okay, I’m finding that for me, writing little FF 55’s is helping me get to know my possible characters a little better. And, I hope, giving me some roadmaps and clues as to where we all might go together. Here’s a bunch; let me know if any of these grab you enough to want to read more. THANKS!!


Purple mascara and tears streamed down Libby’s face. She held the snake tight. “I won’t let him go.”

The two women glared at each other across the hot pavement.

Becca shuddered as she opened the car door. “Lock the cage in the back seat then. Let’s get out of here.”

Too bad snakes travel poorly.


The captain looked directly at Melanie as she hurried into the cockpit. His face was gray. “We are flying on one engine. Tell your flight attendants to prepare for landing.”

Melanie gulped. They were somewhere over the North Atlantic, hours from either Boston or London. “Will that be a water landing?”

“I don’t know yet.”


“More coffee, hon?” Becca looked up at the waitress and nodded. Soon hot liquid was pouring down onto the table. The waitress stared wide-eyed at the door, oblivious to the coffee pot in her shaking hand.

Becca turned to face the door. “No!” she gasped and dove under the table, just in the nick of time.


It was such a treat to talk with Lenore after all these years that Jana celebrated with a second glass of wine, even though chardonnay tended to put her to sleep.

“…so, now you know all my secrets.” Jana drifted back awake and opened her eyes just in time to hear Lenore finish her confession.


“Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with being a librarian, mind you,” Dwayne sneered at Becca. She hated his smugness, wished she could shove the entire card catalog up his Dewey decimal system. “It’s just so boring, so predictable.”

Becca smiled sweetly. Boring? Predictable? Dwayne, honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’m just getting started.


Libby knew better, but she couldn’t stop herself. She stared at the man until he looked back at her. He was tall, sweaty. He walked slowly across the runway until he was directly in front of her.

“Do I know you?”

Libby bit her lower lip and looked up at him. “Not yet,” she smiled.

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