Meteor Shower TONIGHT!

“NASA says the best time to see the meteor shower is before sunrise Wednesday.

‘Wake up a few hours before dawn, brew some hot chocolate, go outside and look up. No telescope is required to see Orionids shooting across the sky,’ according to NASA.”

Well, yeah, that sounds good now but let’s see what I think at 3 AM.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to recover from seeing the most depressing movie ever tonight: “Turtles Can Fly”. It’s an Iraqi film about orphans in a Kurdish refugee camp on the Iraqi/Turkish border. It’s not even a political film, just one that shows the horrific cost of any war on innocent people. Bleak, powerful, hopeless, and overwhelmingly depressing.

Yes, shooting stars at 3 AM may be just what I need tonight.

1 comment to Meteor Shower TONIGHT!

  • Man, I wish I read this last night. Bummer.

    I love and hate those kinds of movies. Everything makes me cry. The movie “Celestine Prophecy” made me cry. Can you believe that. A movie like “Turtles Can Fly” would probably make me sob loud enough to bring the neighbors running.

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