Gators and Jimmy English

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Gators and Jimmy English

Yes, we do have alligators down here….  Once or twice a year we’ll get to see Jimmy do a rescue like this on TV.  But this was  a huge alligator in a tight spot, even though a friend who uses that marina (for the couple of hours a day you can actually get a boat in and out of the water there) says that there’s been an alligator or two in the pond at the marina for the past two years.

The English family used to own all the land where I live now.

Jimmy once told me that the stream  running next to our house used to be his family’s pig wallow and  I try to picture the cul de sac crawling  with pigs and chickens.  Not to mention the old engines, machinery, and assorted junk that people still find when digging a hole to add a new planting.

Someone made a killing with a real estate transaction here, but I suspect it wasn’t anyone in the English family.  Jimmy lives around the corner in what looks like a shack.  His yard is full of alligator traps, hav-a-heart traps in different sizes, piles of firewood, piles of who knows what, and a number of aging pick-up trucks sporting life-size alligator and raccoon decals.

Still, who ya gonna call?  Jimmy English is a legend in his own time and his Wildlife Removal Service is the go-to place when there’s an alligator in your storm drain or a raccoon using your cat door.   Did you notice how Jimmy’s crisp Dickie’s work gear looked just as fresh after loading that gator into his rig as it did when he first drove up?  How often do you get interviewed on television?

Heroes, and rewards, come in many forms.

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