Up from the Ashes

I came down with the flu or the plague or something equally dreadful about a month ago.  And I was deathly sick.  For weeks.  Sometime in the third week or so, A began wondering if I’d ever recover, since I was sleeping at least 20 hours a day and was totally out of contact with reality whenever my eyes were actually open during those few non-sleeping hours and minutes.

He decided that if I did recover, I’d want something new to do, so he set up a blog framework for me.  What a guy!  I couldn’t speak a coherent sentence, understand what anyone said, and here he was thinking that maybe I would recover and, if so, I might be interested in and able to write again.

As luck would have it, he was right.  Slowly, about a week ago, tiny glimmers of something resembling recovery began clawing their way out of the jumble of rumpled bedclothes and liquid diet.  I stayed awake long enough to go for a car ride and not have A stop the car so I could be sick!  I actually craved, ate and kept down a Flaming Amy’s po’ boy burrito!  It took me a couple of days to get through the whole thing, but still…

And I began to want to write again.  And to try to write an actual blog, with real words, thoughts and images.  So here is my first attempt.  Thanks, A, for assuming I would live when it seemed so questionable for a while there.  I’d also like to thank Lisa and Kim, online writing buddies, for being such good role models as they plowed forward and created their own blogs.

Maybe this blog will help me keep in touch with friends and family better than the sporadic and/or nonexistent communication I use now.  Let’s hope so!  It would also be nice to entice y’all to come on down and visit after getting a glimpse of life on the Cape Fear Coast.

Meanwhile, I’ve got this whole crew of fictional folks wandering around the mythical Moon Beach and I have to give them believable yet flawed lives, give them Problems to Resolve, and, ultimately, help them learn something new through a series of exciting events and challenges.  I want the Good Guys and the Bad Guys to get what I think they deserve as everyone rides off to the sunset at the end of the saga.  It’s a lot of work:  sometimes none of us has a clue where we are or where we should go next.  Sometimes, one of the characters tells me what’s happening next.

They’ve all been sitting around, waiting for me to get back on the job after this month’s hiatus.  So let me get back to them  — I’m eager to find out what they’ve gotten into while I’ve been sick.  And maybe I’ll share some of their stories here if they seem like they’re worth sharing.

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